Motion Design: TESCO OTC TV

Project Details

Tesco Corporation, as part of a sponsorship deal with the Offshore Technology Conference annual trade show, was given a recurring 30-second commercial spot to run on site as part of the show’s “OTC TV” video feed. The feed ran on-site every day throughout the show, appearing on video monitors in all public areas (lobbies, concourses, shuttle buses); a high-visibility – albeit sound-free — opportunity to reach show attendees and drive traffic to Tesco’s trade show exhibit. With no video assets and facing a 2-day turnaround, Tesco’s marketing team reached out to Anthm’s Creative Director in need of a solution.

In 48 hours, Anthm’s motion design experts produced a new motion graphic (using only still photography) that would serve the first on-site interaction with the Tesco brand. To leverage this opportunity, the motion graphic had to A) detail where to find Tesco’s booth, B) highlight Tesco’s newest addition to it’s booth, it’s interactive rig simulator and C) work in conjunction with the design of Tesco’s exhibit and branded materials in order to provide a consistent brand experience.

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