The Anthm Agency is a motion design and brand imaging agency with a strong record of guiding the creative strategy for clientele from a broad range of industries. Anthm’s team of seasoned creative professionals have consistently produced effective, award-winning work – both print and digital – for both B2B and B2C audiences. While the core of Anthm’s work will always be its design capabilities, we believe our work is testament to more – the belief that ‘the idea is the thing’ and every visual execution should first serve that idea, without exception.

Anthm’s long history of excellence providing creative solutions for corporate, industrial, and oil & gas markets has been central to its success, and recent projects have seen us apply that expertise for clients in the retail, technology, and broadcast communications sectors.

“…the idea is the thing and every visual execution should first serve that idea, without exception.”

Backed by creative leadership team with decades of experience in full-service agencies, Anthm values a team-oriented approach to creative challenges; One that is reliant on a clear, rationalized articulation of creative choices in order to achieve maximum buy-in, internally and externally. Anthm’s track record of success and commitment to performance-based creative solutions make it the ideal parter to make your brand stand out.